Dr. Dt. Buket ERDEM

Dr. Dt. Buket ERDEM

Orthodontic specialist


Dr Erdem graduated from Başkent University Faculty of Dentistry in 2011 as the 6th. The same year she took the Masters in Dentistry Examination (DUS) and became 14th overall in Turkey, and became eligible to receive specialty training in Orthodontics Department at Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry.

Dr Erdem received a scholarship from Başkent University Faculty of Dentistry. She received a short-term education at the Polish Academia Medyczna Wrocław University with the European inter-university student exchange program.

Dr. Erdem, who successfully completed her specialty education by giving her thesis, published this study in the world's most prestigious orthodontic magazine, the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics. She still continues her academic studies on various subjects. She joined the Miradent family in 2019 and serves as an orthodontic specialist.