Low Dose Laser Treatments (Lllt)

It is possible to completely change your smile with very thin leaf restorations, which we call lamina, which are glued only to the front surface of the works.

Before making any intervention on the teeth, digital and then, if desired, you can be provided with mock-up techniques to see your smile close to its finished state in the mouth. So you won’t have to worry about how my teeth will be at the end of the procedure.

Finely structured porcelain laminates provide a shiny appearance on the tooth with a transparency similar to natural tooth enamel. It is a frequently preferred treatment option in smile design due to its superior aesthetic properties.

Main areas of use:

  • For laser application in joints for jaw joint treatments (Bruxism / Teeth grinding), in low-level laser applications
  • Biomodulation procedures for complication reduction and rapid recovery after all kinds of bone surgery
  • In procedures providing fast and high quality bone formation after implant surgery
  • In pain reduction procedures by applying low level laser to acupuncture points
  • In processes of activating bone formation after gum treatment
  • In orthodontic treatment, low-level laser (biomodulation) is applied to prevent pain after the force applied to mobilize the tooth.

With Low Dose Laser applications, laser beams stimulate cells and increase cellular activation. This effect is called biomodulation.

Among laser treatments Biomodulation is the subject with the most scientific researches and positive results. It is actively used in the treatment of pain and diseases of the jaw joints, accelerating wound healing, activating the growth factors in cells, increasing the biological healing capacity of the body, regional pain treatments, treatment of nerve numbness in the jaw and many other issues.