Dental Radiology and Imaging

The use of imaging methods during diagnosis, treatment plan and follow-up of treatment in oral and dental health is essential for success.

For this purpose, two-dimensional imaging radiographs and three-dimensional tomographs can be used.

Where Is Dental Radiology and Imaging Used?

  • Detection of caries
  • Before and during root canal treatment
  • Detecting bone damage in cases with advanced gum disease
  • Pre-implant surgery planning and follow-up of treatment
  • In joint disorders
  • In case of cysts and tumors related to teeth and bones
  • Determining the position of the impacted tooth before surgical procedures
  • In orthodontic treatment, in determining the relationship between the jaws and teeth and determining the treatment method.
  • In the detection of salivary gland diseases
  • Following the tooth development and growth of children
  • In suspicion of tooth and jaw fracture