Orthodontics In Adults

There is still a misconception that orthodontic treatment cannot be realized in post-childhood periods. Apart from some special cases related to the development of jaw bones (skeletal) (These cases can also be treated in combination with orthognathic surgery method at advanced ages.) Almost all problems related to tooth crowding can be treated with adult orthodontic treatment.

Basically adult orthodontics can be divided in two:

  1. Hereditary dental or skeletal orthodontic problems
  2. Treatment of deformed jaw structures due to abnormal movement of the remaining teeth caused by the extraction of one or more teeth. In this case, it is absolutely necessary to make up the teeth and compensate the gaps with implants or prostheses. Many people are unaware of this because such structural defects that have occurred later and gradually, and a series of aesthetic and functional problems occur as a result of not being able to treat them.

In adult orthodontics, people’s aesthetic expectations are higher than children in order not to disturb their daily life habits, as their social lives continue. For this reason, we offer transparent plates (aligner systems, wireless orthodontics, invisalign), invisible wires (lingual orthodontics) and tooth-colored aesthetic brackets (ceramic, sapphire).