BioHPP Material

Due to tooth loss at an early age, bone melting can occur, and the prostheses made have a large volume capable of replacing both lost teeth and gums. Thanks to the BioHPP material, light-weighted prostheses can be produced as if they do not exist in the mouth despite their large volume.

It is a high performance aesthetic material with the same flexibility as your bone, the closest to your teeth at the moment of chewing.

BioHPP is an aesthetic and robust infrastructure material that we can safely apply to all patients, from single to total tooth deficiencies, with its elasticity and antiallergic structure similar to the jawbone.

Thanks to its flexibility, it protects the implant in the bone from excessive loads by absorbing the chewing forces. Thus, it allows temporary teeth to be made immediately after surgery. It completely integrates with your gums and adapts to your tissues as if it was your own tooth.

No allergic reaction has been reported against this material, which has been used in the health sector for about 30 years. For this reason, it can be safely used in allergic patients and patients who need toxin elimination from their body.