Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

Date 14.10.1999 23846 published in the Official Gazette and by Miradent dental clinic, oral health services, private health care Agencies About the regulation of ISO 9001:2015-Quality Management System in accordance with standards, provides superior quality service to our patients.

Our Quality Objectives;

  1. To provide preventive and curative health services without sacrificing quality by following the latest technology in product and service,
  2. To provide Oral and Dental Health services with National and International standards,
  3. To fulfil the sterilization and hygiene conditions with the participation of all our personnel,
  4. To be an exemplary institution that prioritizes Patient Rights above all, including ethical rules,
  5. To create an effective solution process related to the wishes and complaints of our patients,
  6. To ensure that employees receive training for continuous development,
  7. To reach more people with the understanding of continuous improvement with the focus on ‘Patient Satisfaction” of the service we offer with our trained and experienced staff,
  8. To maintain our services in accordance with Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental conditions.

Our Clinic;

It will review the established ISO 9001: 2015, Quality Management System, the continuity of its compliance in line with the quality goals and objectives, and continuously improve its effectiveness.