Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction should be the dentist’s last alternative. However, if it is really necessary to pull the tooth, our main goal is to pull the tooth with a protective approach to the surrounding tissues      This is achieved using techniques that will support the bone formation and the gingival tissues surrounding the bone by ensuring the formation of healthy and sufficient tissue that will support us in the future irrespective of  implants or other dental applications

For this purpose, a careful application of special extraction tools and Laser & Biological Dentistry is done to protect all surrounding tissues and  the infected tissues are selectively removed with Er: YAG laser after extraction.

Sometimes the technique of protecting the extraction socket with laser, and also at times using PRF containing growth cells made with the person’s own blood, the formation of bone and gum tissues is activated.


Surgical extraction is a technique used for extraction of teeth that are not easily visible in the mouth, partially erupted out of the gum or impacted teeth. In some cases, there may be bone on the tooth that needs to be removed.

The tooth to be extracted may need to be removed after it is divided into sections. In these cases, surgical extraction is applied. The procedure can be performed with local anesthesia as in normal extraction. In order to reach the tooth, the process of removing the bone and dividing the tooth into sections can be done with the Er: YAG laser.