Pink (Gingival) Aesthetic

Our smile is one of the most characteristic features of our personality. In order to be able to talk about a smile design that provides a real oral and dental aesthetics, it is necessary to obtain an image of healthy gums that are compatible and symmetrical with lips and teeth. If the gums are not in place and shape gum esthetic is required. This treatment is done with ER:YAG laser ,which is easy, healthy  and a successful method.

A fast and comfortable biological healing is very important in aesthetic treatments such as smile design. Shaping the gums with Fotona Er:YAG laser systems can be done painlessly and without bleeding with minimal anesthesia. As the laser biologically activates the healing of the tissue, recovery is fast and comfortable.

Sometimes when people talk or laugh in front of us, the gums appear too much or look asymmetrical and preventing a beautiful smile. In such cases, only interfering with the teeth does not give us the aesthetics we want. The process performed to make the gums appear as they should be or to make them symmetrical in the area with aesthetic concern is called gingivoplasty. We can also call this process pink aesthetics in general.

It is a modern technique used to perform pink aesthetic applications using hard tissue (Er:YAG) lasers, to level the gums and bone tissues without experiencing an unpleasant process after operations such as open bone surgery. After this laser procedure, patients often do not even need painkillers.