Dental Braces

In orthodontic treatment, it is necessary to get support from some points in order to activate the teeth. We provide this with brackets and rings placed on the teeth. By directing the braces from these support points, the teeth are directed and positioned.

Metal or ceramic brackets can be preferred according to aesthetic expectations.

Covered brackets can also be preferred for treatments that require faster and less control.

Why do teeth become crooked and how are they treated?

Orthodontic Treatment – When the tooth sizes are not compatible with the jaw size, the teeth are arranged crosswise or spaced to settle in the jaw. In such dental and skeletal disorders, orthodontic treatment is performed to bring the teeth back to the knee where they should be.

Is there an age of orthodontic treatment?

The treatment of complications that occur only in the teeth has no age. It is treated at any age. But the treatment of skeletal disorders, which we call the jaws being in front or behind, should be done before the age of 12. At an advanced age, this treatment becomes much more difficult. Nevertheless, we recommend that our patients have an orthodontic examination before the age of 7.