Transparent Plaques | Invisalign

Transparent plaques carry out the tooth activation process. This is done with brackets in orthodontic treatment, by wrapping the tooth in 3 dimensions and are faster and more comfortable.

These plaques surround the teeth in three dimensions and allow them to be placed where we want by providing minimal movements in the desired direction. Plaques are changed once a week so that they can make small movements, so that the teeth are mobilized without causing damage to the teeth.

These plaques are prepared personally with the measurements taken digitally, again with special computer programs. They do not require frequent check-up appointments. They do not allow undesired movements of the teeth, providing predictable treatment results. In this way, the treatment time is shortened and they do not require frequent control appointments. The material is completely biocompatible.


It is a digital orthodontic treatment method made to correct your teeth, consisting of almost invisible, removable, personalized plates in series. After your measurement is taken digitally, plates are produced according to the treatment plan obtained in computer environment. Anyone who has healthy teeth, gums and jawbones and has erupted second molars can have invisalign treatment. This period generally corresponds to the age of 13-14.

The most important advantage of Invisalign is that it is almost completely transparent so it does not adversely affect your daily social life.

Unlike braces, there are no restrictions as you can remove plaques in situations such as eating and drinking. Besides, since the use of toothbrushes and dental floss can be continued, you will not encounter any inconvenience during your daily oral hygiene care. Pain, aches and wounds that may occur in soft tissues during the acclimation period in the brackets are out of question. Appointments frequency is less than the one required for brackets.

One of the biggest advantages is that you can take a break from treatment. In organizations such as important meetings, weddings, business meetings, special invitations and graduations (unless it is very frequent)

With the development of technology day by day, invisalign technology, which can be applied in almost every case, is only applied by orthodontics specialists with invisalign certification.

“Another advantage of this technology is that when you come for examination, you can see the treatment result in digital environment within a few minutes after your digital measurement is taken with Digital Scanning devices.”

“With digital intraoral cameras, you can start your treatment without having the difficulty of taking impressions with a conventional spoon and losing time for impression delivery.”

Treatment Process

  • When you first insert the records, you will feel a pressure. This pressure is caused by the force applied to the tooth movement. You will adapt to this situation in a short time. You can easily overcome this problem with the low-dose laser therapy we use in our clinic.
  • You will feel a pressure when you first insert the plates. This pressure is caused by the force applied to the tooth movement. You will adapt to this situation in a short time. You can easily overcome this problem with the low dose laser therapy we apply in our clinic.
  • The duration of treatment varies according to the case, but it is shorter in cases with mild, moderate crowding, interdental spaces and where tooth extraction is planned. It can take from 4 months to 24 months.
  • Before starting the treatment, all caries and tartar should be cleaned. According to your doctor’s decision, 20-year-old teeth can be removed before treatment. After the measurement is taken, no procedure can be applied in the mouth. Prosthetic procedures such as bridges and implants are performed after treatment.
  • After the preparation processes required before the Invisalign treatment are completed, the patient’s photographs and teeth are measured by digital scanning, and the measurements taken are digitally delivered to the United States on the same day. It takes about 4-6 weeks for the treatment plan to be created, the production and delivery of the plates.
  • After the plaques come, the attachments (protrusions from the tooth-colored filling material) that allow the teeth to move in the first appointment are attached to the teeth. Then, after the abrasions on the teeth made in order to save space, especially in the crowded teeth, the plaques up to the 2nd appointment are delivered to the patient.
  • In some difficult cases, wires that can only be attached and removed at night can be used to correct the bite. In addition, mini screw systems can also be used in difficult cases.
  • In case you lose your plate, you can use the one we used before the one you actively used and stored in the red storage container until it is time for the other plate to attach.
  • After the treatment is over, as in all orthodontic treatments, a very thin “retainer” is attached to the inside of the teeth in order to prevent the treatment from relapsing. This thin wire should stay in your mouth all the time.
  • You will get used to the retainer wire 2-3 days after it is installed. It will be a part of you. There is no harm, but you need to spend more time on that area during tooth brushing.
  • In order to perform Invisalign treatment, physicians must first obtain a certificate. In Invisalign, the treatment plan is made by the physician. In order to get proper and correct results in the treatment, the treatment must be done by a specialist.

Our Treatment Procedure For Our Patients Living Abroad Or With Limited Time Works As Below:

Making all restorative treatment of carious teeth and cleaning tartar

  1. a) There are 2 options for this stage:

– Our patient can have these procedures done where he lives with his own means.

– Our patient can have these procedures done in our clinic, but in this option, the procedures related to transparent plaques cannot be performed due to the need for extraction of 20-year-old teeth, root canal treatment or gum treatment.

1st Appointment

1 DAY will be enough for this appointment.

a) Taking photos of the patient by his doctor

b) Digital measurements of the patient

c) Sharing the result with the patient with Invisalign Result Simulation, sending an e-mail

2nd Appointment

1 day is enough for this appointment and the duration will be approximately 5 – 6 weeks after the first appointment.

a) Adhering tooth-colored attachments made of filling material that provides movement on the teeth

b) IPR abrasion on the teeth for the place necessary for the movement of the teeth.

c) Explaining the points to be careful about the delivery and use of the plates to the patient.

d) Explaining the plates and the treatment control procedure to the patient

  • Controlling the patient’s photos monthly by comparing them with the treatment digital simulation via WhatsApp

Interim Appointments

The number of these appointments depends on the condition of the treatment.

a) Adhering the extra attachments and performing the IPR procedure

b) Problems that may occur during the course of treatment

  • Attachments break
  • Plates not sitting

5) Final Appointment

1 DAY will be enough for the appointment.

a) Attaching fixing wires to the back surfaces of the teeth

b) Receiving finishing records