Fast & Fixed

What is fast & fixed?

It is a system developed by Bredent Sky implants, which is based on the immediate implant placement in the toothless jaw and realizes the dream of patients to have a fixed tooth in one day.

This concept has been developed mainly for patients .Who has become completely  edentulous .At the same time, it is possible to apply implants on the some day the teeth are extracted or to make fixed prostheses on the day the implants are made in patients without teeth. Patient satisfaction is extremely high in this system, which provides both tooth extraction, implantation and temporary fixed prosthesis on the same day.

In what cases is it applied?

In total edentulous jaws – if all the patient’s teeth are to be extracted

In cases of bone deficiency in the posterior regions.

Can you explain a little about the conditions with bone deficiency?

Anatomical formations such as the maxillary sinus in the upper jaw and the mandibular nerve in the lower jaw restrict the possibility of applying. In areas where the maxillary sinus is flaccid, there is not enough bone. In such cases, with the advanced surgical technique we call “sinus lifting”, we gain the bone necessary for the implant and place the implant. Again, if there is not enough bone in the molar region above the lower jaw nerve, where there is very extensive bone resorption in the lower jaw, it is possible to gain bone with augmentation techniques.

But these methods may not be a reason for preference for patients, in terms of their expensive nature, larger surgical interventions, and the need for long periods of time for the construction of a permanent prosthesis. In such cases, fixed prostheses can be made with a smaller number of implants by placing longer implants at an angle.

Under what conditions can the fast and fixed method be applied?

If there is enough bone in the area in front of the molars in Totally edentulous jaws;

If a tooth extraction is to be performed, if there are Best techniques for Removing granulation tissues from extraction sockets such as lasers in the extraction sockets, such as a laser, for example;

If oral hygiene has been brought to a good level before the shooting;

If he does not have active persistent periodontitis;

If the physician has sufficient knowledge and experience in this regard;

If there is a dental laboratory closed to where a temporary fixed prosthesis can be made immediately.


How is the fast & fixed application made?

If any teeth that If any teeth that have a high mobilities  or that there have decided to be removed because of Periodontal Disease.

By escaping from the places with sinus sagging or the nerve canal, 6 angled or 6 flat implants are placed on the upper jaw and 4 on the lower jaw.

Fast and fixed abutments with an angle that will make all the implants parallel to each other are screwed onto the implants.

Impression analogues are placed on the abutments and impression are taken using the open impression technique.

Impression analogues are removed and the gingival shapers are placed on the abutments and the session is terminated.

According to this measure, a temporary prosthesis is prepared in the laboratory and fixed to the patient’s mouth within 24 hours after the operation.

The patient has temporary but fixed teeth after a day.

What are the advantages?

The biggest advantage is that it offers instant fixed teeth. In a day, the palate will be freed from the prosthesis. Even the temporary fixed prosthesis offers a serious comfort compared to the old prosthesis.

There is no need for a second surgical procedure in this system. The permanent prosthesis stage can be started by taking direct measurements. The patient continues to have the same comfort because he can use his temporary fixed prostheses until the permanent prosthesis is made.

It offers the possibility of fixed prosthesis to patients who cannot be treated due to anatomical formations such as maxillary sinus and mandibular nerve.

Since the system allows for a much longer implant placement, fixed teeth are made with fewer implants. (4 pieces on the lower jaw, 6 pieces on the upper jaw)

Since permanent prosthesis can be made in a hybrid way, pink gum aesthetics can be provided.


What are the disadvantages?

It is a costly system due to many Decouples and details.

No matter how durable a temporary prosthesis is made, this prosthesis may have problems such as untimely fracture cracking.

When the prosthesis is broken, the integrity of the system is impaired. Immediate intervention is required and the problem must be corrected.

If the problem is not intervened immediately, some implants will be overloaded and this may lead to the loss of implants.

Can patients eat everything with temporary prostheses?

In this system, hard foods should be avoided and completely soft foods should be preferred for the first 1.5-2 months as soon as the implants are made, the implants start to get strength. If this is not done, too much force will  be on the implants and may result in implant loss.

What is the reason for its angled placement?

In cases where there is a lack of bone in the posterior regions, implants are placed with the Fast & Fixed technique in such a way that they form a certain angle to the jaw bones, not vertically, without the need for advanced surgery. This geometry allows the implants to withstand loads more easily.

Is it a painful procedure?

There is no pain during the operation.

How can we summarize the points that need attention?

The anatomical conditions in the mouth should be evaluated very well and the points that should be kept away from the sinus cavities such as nerve channels should be avoided.

Measurements should be made on the tomographic image and planned well. Otherwise, it may occur with unwanted complication.

Implants should be placed in the bone stably enough. In this regard, the physician who will perform the surgical procedure should be experienced and master the system.

The temporary fixed prosthesis should be made sufficiently durable. Otherwise, the prosthesis will break and serious troubles will occur.

The patient should take very good oral care. Especially in the first 3-4 months, the denture should be cleaned with a mouth shower. Otherwise, infection may develop.

In this system, hard foods should be avoided and completely soft foods should be preferred for the first 40-60 days as soon as the implants are made, the implants start to get strength. If this is not done, too much force will come to the implants and may result in implant loss.