Root Tip – Apical Resection

Dental roots differ anatomically from person to person. Some people may have lateral root canals or delta spaces that root canal tools cannot reach.

Since it is not possible to reach these areas with conventional methods and to fill these gaps and block the areas where bacteria can reproduce, infection occurs at the root tips.

In this case, the problem is attempted to be solved by separating and removing the root tip area without leaving an area for bacteria to grow. Nowadays, it is possible to reach these areas with laser SWEEPS-PIPS techniques, thus reducing the need for root resection.

(Applies to root canal treatments performed by clinics using this technique.) Root tip resection consists of bone removal, cutting the root tip and occluding the root tip. All these procedures can be performed using Er: YAG Laser, and complications such as swelling and pain in the face area after the procedure are minimized.