First Dental Examination

The first dentist examination is recommended after the first deciduous tooth is removed (usually between 6 months and 1 year old). It is very important for children to meet the dentist in a fun game environment without feeling pain and to be able to go to the dentist comfortably throughout their life.

What does the dentist do in the first examination?

  • How to clean your baby’s mouth and teeth with brush and paste
  • Preventing the transmission of bacteria from mother to baby
  • Limitations of bottle and pacifier use
  • Harmful habits such as lip and finger sucking
  • Explaining the child’s oral and dental development, and the necessity of visiting a dentist at what intervals
  • Mothers and fathers are informed about nutrition and preventive practices that should take place to prevent tooth decay.

Are there any special precautions that I, as a parent, or my caregiver should take for my baby’s/child’s oral health?

The oral care of parents and people who take care of the child affects the oral health of children. Caries-making bacteria settle in the mouth after childbirth. In this respect, in order to minimize the “transmission”, it is necessary that the people responsible for the care of the child also pay attention to their oral care.

The use of spoons by parents or caregivers to taste children’s food or control its temperature, or blowing to cool dishes, can cause “contagion”. Especially 18, which is the period of riding of the first milk molars. from the beginning of the month, it is necessary to pay special attention to this.
In addition, it is often necessary to check for white, brown and black spots that may occur on children’s teeth.