Seamless Implant

Implant applications performed without cutting gums and stitching are called “Seamless Implants”.

It can be done in three ways:

1- Three-dimensional image is processed in a computer program and with a guide plate (Static Navigation)

2- With new generation robot arms working with three-dimensional view (Dynamic Navigation)

3- By processing the three-dimensional image with the experience of the dentist performing the implant application and with the soft tissue acquisition thanks to laser gingival orientation.

In cases where the bone structure and anatomy are known in 3 dimensions and the bone thickness is suitable, the implant can be placed without cutting the gum. Only the implant insertion site is opened with laser and the implant is placed. Since the gingiva is not cut widely, there is no need for stitching and the blood circulation of the bone around the implant is not impaired because the gingiva does not separate from the bone. For this reason, since the bone and the gingiva are not traumatised, the patient experiences a comfortable and fast recovery without any additional pain and swelling.