Fearless Dentistry


Everyone wants to have a healthy life with beautiful smiles, but sometimes our fears can get in the way of this. We aim to overcome these fears, but first let’s look at what the causes of our fears may be:

– negative experiences we have had in the past or our relatives have had.

-Fear and tension that there will be pain even if the procedure is painless

-Sounds, vibrations and feelings of pressure during treatment are the main causes of fear.

But there are of course solutions to these fears. It is a natural feeling to be afraid, people will of course be afraid of things they do not know and have not experienced before. Our duty as physicians is to understand these fears and to find solutions for them. We can overcome your fears with our applications: dental sedation applications, laser-assisted applications, navigational anaesthesia applications.

So what are these applications:

Dental sedation: sedation is a very common method used in mild procedures under general anaesthesia as well as local anaesthesia. The main purpose of sedation is to provide relaxation, relaxation, calming and relief of discomfort.

Laser applications: As in many areas today, lasers are also used in dental procedures and are becoming indispensable day by day. The laser has many advantages over traditional methods. We can perform many procedures without pain and bleeding in laser procedures. The feeling of pressure and vibration that many patients fear is eliminated.

Navigational anaesthesia: We can treat our children, who are our future, in a fearless and comfortable way by applying anaesthesia with computer support, especially in our young elderly child patients.