All On Four – Six

One of the main reasons why many people experiencing tooth loss (either because they have no teeth left or because of teeth extractions) cannot find a solution to this situation is the lack of time. All on four / six techniques offer an excellent solution to this problem.

In the upper jaw;

  • The surface area covered by the teeth is larger than the lower jaw.
  • The jawbone is of lower density than the lower jaw, so the integration of implants with the bone becomes weaker and takes longer.
  • Especially the upper jaw anterior region is aesthetically important.
  • If the sinus is sagging in the posterior region, the support bone will be less, in this case either angled implants must be applied or short implants are used.

When all these factors are gathered together, the result of the static calculation performed by the physician is mostly over 6 implants (All on Six) in the upper jaw.

In the lower jaw;

  • The tooth arch is smaller than the upper jaw.
  • The jawbone density is higher and the implants can be fixed to the bone more firmly.

Prostheses made on 4 implants (All on Four) fixed to the posterior region implants and the two front implants, which are placed at an angle on the lower jaw nerve bundle, form the perfect abutment for a fixed over-implant prosthesis.

Who is the All on Four / Six applicable to?

We can apply this method with Bredent / Fast & Fixed technique to all people whose general health condition allows implant application and who want immediate solutions after serial tooth extractions or in case of complete edentulism.

What advantages does implementing All on Four / Six offer?

  • No need for advanced bone surgery
  • We do not touch the original structures of the surrounding anatomy. (Like the sinuses)
  • It is possible for us to continue our life without having any teeth. This prevents the person from being unhappy and unsatisfied, without compromising one’s social life.
  • Since fixed teeth are attached immediately, it is possible for us to eat just after the procedure.
  • There is no difficulty in speaking as the teeth are attached immediately.
  • If laser implant is applied, swelling and pain will be minimal after the procedure.

The All on Four system has been used for 27 years and its success has been proven in the literature.

In our clinic, the “Bredent Fast & Fixed” technique has been applied for 11 years and its success has been confirmed by more than a thousand patients. Applying this system with Er: YAG laser also reduces the pain and swelling after the procedure, and the success rate increases as the infected tissues can be cleaned with high success.