“You are afraid to be late, not to go to the dentist”??

“If you are afraid, you will go to the dentist late” or “If you are afraid, you will not go the dentist”

Toothache is a reflected pain and its source is difficult to detect at first glance. When tooth decay progresses, you may experience pain due to gum, root tip inflammation. In such cases, when the correct treatment is applied, it may be possible to get rid of the teeth ache  Laser-assisted treatment provide a fast and comfortable solution.

Toothaches should not be expected to go away on their own. Although alternative methods known to the public work temporarily, they are not recommended because they damage the teeth and surrounding tissues.

If the pain is caused by tooth decay and the decay has reached the nerve of the tooth by progressing or has lost its vitality due to other reasons, these teeth can be treated with “root canal treatment”. If the necessary treatments are not applied, this situation may continue with infection, swelling and even abscess, and can lead to tooth extraction.


Pain can be caused by infection of teeth, surrounding tissues and bone loss or as a result of regional irritations. To get rid of the pain and save the tooth, you need to go to the dentist. Laser is an important option for fast and comfortable treatment in this type of pain.