Laser ice Depigmentation – Dis Eti Pembeleştirme

“Depigmentation treatment is a long-lasting treatment with a high success rate.”

The color and tissue structure of the gums are as important as the harmony and symmetry of the lips and teeth. Healthy gums are pink in color and in the consistency of an orange peel texture. It is possible to bring the dark and purple discolorations of the gums to a healthy tissue color and consistency with Er: YAG laser.

Discoloration in the gums can be disturbing for most people. This discoloration is mostly seen as bruising on the gums. The normal appearance of the gums is like pink colored and orange peel texture.

In some people, a dark color may prevail in the gums, as well as in the dark skin. In people where the outer layer of the gums, called the sub-epithelium, is dense than the pigment tissues that give the tissues its color, this dark-colored appearance occurs and may cause aesthetically discomfort. With the Er:YAG laser, it is possible to remove the pigments and achieve the desired healthy pink appearance by performing very small regional anesthesia (sometimes without the need to do).