Digital Orthodontics


By imaging the inside of the mouth with digital measurements, it is possible to see how the orthodontic result will resemble the teeth in the simulation environment before the treatment is performed, at the end of the treatment and in the near state.

In orthodontic treatment, examination is one of the most important stages of the treatment process. Detailed examination of the face, jaw bones, muscles, joints, teeth and oral soft tissues are the main guiding factors in treatment planning.

Digital images, photographs and measurements taken from the patient during the examination phase guide the treatment planning.

With the digital measurement technique, the image of the patient’s teeth can be transferred to the computer environment in a very short time using intraoral cameras. Thus, the image projected on the screen can be examined and discussed in detail with the person to be treated.

We plan our patients who apply to our clinic for orthodontic treatment with a special software on the images we transfer to the computer environment after digital intraoral scanning. With a detailed study, how and how much the teeth will be moved is calculated and the teeth are brought to the position they should be in the computer environment. The final image is transferred to models with a 3D printer and transparent aligners are prepared on these models.